• Text TwistText Twist
    Word play is made awesome with this game. Check it out and try to rearrange the letters to make as many words as you can before time runs out!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • CollapseCollapse
    This is a great game that will keep you on your toes for a long time. You can even buy a copy for yourself.
  • Inca BallInca Ball
    Keep the string of balls away from the skull by creating strings of 3 or more of the same color.
  • Jewels of the DarkJewels of the Dark
    Match the jewels and clear the board in this dark and ghostly game.
  • Mahjong 2Mahjong 2
    Choose your layout and get going in this good looking classic Mahjong game.

additional favorite games

  • 3D Minesweeper3D Minesweeper
    Similar to the windows game mindsweep, but in 3D!
  • 4 Elements4 Elements
    Help the fairy to restore the magic to four ancient spellbooks! Play your way through several levels to remove the bonds of evil!
  • 6 Differences6 Differences
    Find the six differences between two pictures in several interactive puzzles!
  • Aerial MahjongAerial Mahjong
    Become a master of MahJong in the incredible aerial land!
  • Alex the AdventurerAlex the Adventurer
    Make your way through the dark rainy night on the quest to find your lost marbles. Common sense and a little luck with guide you through.
  • AlexTraxAlexTrax
    Help Alex travel on his bicycle! Bike over hills and peaks! Get the key to unlock the exit, and then get back to the exit to move on!
  • Amazons SolitaireAmazons Solitaire
    Take this quick and fun solitaire game for a spin, end with all the queens showing to win.
  • Ancient ColumnsAncient Columns
    Uncover ancient secrets in this fun puzzler! Arrange columns so that blocks of the same color are in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal groups!
  • Atlantis QuestAtlantis Quest
    Are you ready for an exciting quest of adventure and discovery? Embark on a journey around ancient lands searching for the lost city of Atlantis.
  • Black JackBlack Jack
    This is the best BlackJack game on the web. It has superior graphics and gameplay. If this doen't get you ready for the real thing nothing will!
  • Blackhole SolitaireBlackhole Solitaire
    This one takes solitaire to a new level, just try to clear all your cards!
  • Block BlasterBlock Blaster
    It's Arkanoid to the next level! Try out this fun remake of the classic block busting game in a new crazy style.
  • Block PuzzleBlock Puzzle
    Can you fit all of the blocks in the Frame? It is harder than it looks.
  • BounceBounce
    Steer clear of obstacles as you try and turn the power platforms green while trying to control a crazy little bouncing ball.
  • Bounce DownBounce Down
    Stay alive for as long as possible by avoiding the ceiling above and the furnace below!
  • Bounce OutBounce Out
    In this straight forward, yet fun game, just swap the colored balls around to make three or more in a row.
  • Brain BallBrain Ball
    Get the ball to the goal by answering trivia questions! If you get stuck, there are three help options to help you answer the question!
  • Brain TestBrain Test
    Exercise your brain a little! Complete 5 types of mathematical, memory, logical and vocab tests in the shortest time possible!
  • Brain WorkoutBrain Workout
    Give your brain a workout by copying what the computer does! See how long you can continue without making a mistake!
  • Bricks n MatchBricks n Match
    Carefully click squares to make them disappear! Group three or more of the same color to make them disappear! Clear the board to move on!
  • Bubble ElementsBubble Elements
    Match 3 or more bubbles and feed the bubble-eating plant his favorite green bubble.
  • Candy BrickCandy Brick
    A flipped version of a classic arcade game! The blocks float up instead of falling down! Can you wrap your head around this new experience!?
  • Car JamCar Jam
    This is a fun game!! Can you get the car out of the parking lot with a limited number of moves.
  • Card ManiaCard Mania
    You've got to be speedy in this classic card game! Race against the clock and the computer to get your pile of cards placed in the middle!
  • Card SweepCard Sweep
    Its like a matching game... only better. The more matches you make in a row the higher your score goes! See how long you can go!
  • Cards of WarCards of War
    Concentration with a twist! Cards can affect one another! If you don't get a match within ten tries, the cards will shuffle themselves!
  • ChessChess
    This really fun chess game has excellent graphics and a quick thinking brain that plays a competitive match.
  • Chimbos QuestChimbos Quest
    Prevent toxic dumping in the Rain Forest by guiding Chimbo through this platformer romp.
  • Clear The PyramidClear The Pyramid
    Play cards Egyptian style in this take on solitaire. Pile up the cards for each suit to win!
  • Click Drag TypeClick Drag Type
    Think your smart, well try to clear all these puzzles. Its a brain bender!
  • Clock Patience SolitaireClock Patience Solitaire
    Take your time with this crazy solitaire game! See if you can uncover all the cards of each hour.
  • CollapseCollapse
    This is a great game that will keep you on your toes for a long time. You can even buy a copy for yourself.
  • Collapse 800Collapse 800
    Eight-hundred blocks: thousands of possibilities! How many points can you get? Can you get rid of all eight-hundred blocks?
  • Colored Symbols 2Colored Symbols 2
    It's more then just matching the same colored bricks, you can also match the symbols to clear the board and get as many points as you can.
  • CombineCombine
    Combine three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear! Tetris-like gameplay allows control! More colors are added as time goes on!
  • Crazy Colored CannonCrazy Colored Cannon
    Move the magnetic ring to line the colored edges up with the colored cannon balls which will hit them! More colors are added as the game goes on!
  • Crescent SolitaireCrescent Solitaire
    Try to get all the cards on the outside edges into the middle! If you get stuck, click the hint button or reshuffle the outside cards!
  • CrosswordCrossword
    The name says it all. This is a very clean crossword. We will have new puzzles every week!
  • Deep ThoughtDeep Thought
    Even if your not a big card fan, you have to check this one out! All you have to do is get all the face cards up on the field...
  • Demon SolitaireDemon Solitaire
    The aim of this game is to move all the cards to the foundation (the top right corner) in this tricky twist on classic solitaire!
  • Diamond FeverDiamond Fever
    Try to collect the treasures before the mine collapses! Click on groups of diamonds to eliminate them and win points.
  • Dream SolitaireDream Solitaire
    Dive into a dreamy game of solitaire this way!
  • DropheadsDropheads
    Match the shrunken heads to make them disappear!
  • Extreme CrosswordExtreme Crossword
    Find words to move on to the next level! Words can be forwards, backwards, or in any shape as long as the letters are touching each other!
  • Firework ColumnsFirework Columns
    Arrange the firework bombs so that 3 or more bombs of the same color form a straight line horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Flash Chess 3Flash Chess 3
    Play as an advanced player, a novice, or just play a casual game! Choose your difficulty and play a classic game of chess! Checkmate to win!
  • Flash Geometry WarsFlash Geometry Wars
    Steer your ship trying to fend off the attacking enemies in this futuristic shooter.