• Turbo SpiritTurbo Spirit
    Motorcycle racing on your computer! Hop on and try to win all tracks, don't waste anytime because your racing against the clock and opponents!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Gal-AxianGal-Axian
    A pretty fun game shooting game, with cheesy graphics that will make you smile.
  • Mini PuttMini Putt
    A good looking mini golf game bring alittle bit of summer indoors.
  • PegPeg
    Remove all but one, if you can!
  • SleeperSleeper
    This is a funny, challenging, and fun game. Try to get all of them to fall asleep, but be careful and try not to wake the others.

additional favorite games

  • Word SearchWord Search
    This is a great version of classic word search, with a clock and multiple puzzles! Race against your last time to see if you can do better!