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Check out all the Arcade Games has to offer. We've got games that everyone wants to play! Just click on a game below to start playing. All Flash Games, Shockwave Games, and Java Games are free to play.

Hue Runner

Hue Runner Run through the city leaping on platforms. You must be the same color as the bricks to make them solid, otherwise you'll run or fall through!

Mad Racers

Mad Racers Come in first in race after race! Get nitro power-ups to boost your speed, but avoid the oil slicks or you'll go spinning out of control.

Dream Stack

Dream Stack Keep the colored shapes from filling the screen. Shoot them with a bullet of the same color or pattern to make them disappear!

Kaban: Racetrack

Kaban: Racetrack Help Kaban run through the racetrack dodging obstacles and getting faster and faster each time! Play through 10 levels of races.

Subject 21

Subject 21 Get your car past all the obstacles without damaging it too much to drive it! Open locked exits by collecting keys along the way.

UFO Adventures

UFO Adventures Try to stay alive without doing too much damage to the UFO! Land it very carefully as you make your way through the solar system.

CanDisease 2

CanDisease 2 The animals have eaten too much floating candy! Help them get back into the water by clearing the candy from their mouths!

Music Puppy

Music Puppy Help the puppy collect the music notes to make the chimes ring and to earn points! Keep the puppy from falling as you leap about making music.


Devastator You are the only survivor and it's up to you to protect your investigative mission! Blast the enemy off the surface of the planet!

Magic Diamond

Magic Diamond An evil wizard stole the magic diamond and it's up to you to bring it back! Beware the evil wizard has many followers to defend him against you.

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